Scarf as a Fashion Accessory for Men

The scarf is one of the most striking and attractive accessory that men can wear. It lends instant flair and elegance to the most dull and mundane outfit. Unfortunately, a lot of men do not appreciate the importance of a scarf and what it can do to improve his fashion style. Some even think that all that a scarf can do is to keep them warm during the colder months.

But a scarf is more than just a utilitarian wardrobe accessory, its aesthetic worth is something that men should understand and appreciate for them to achieve a personal style that will distinguish them from other men. For men who are a little cautious when it comes to wearing colors, a scarf is the best way to add color to your ensemble without getting too committed.


The most common scarves are those worn during the colder months, such as wool or cotton scarves. But cotton or wool scarves come in a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns to choose from. While giving you the protection from the cold, it can also add a sartorial touch to your looks with the right choice of colors, patterns and styles as well as the most appropriate way of wearing them. The most common patterns for wool or cotton scarves are checks or plaid, stripes and geometric patterns. But they also come in fabulous solid colors that you can use to match or contrast beautifully with a shirt or a coat. An alternative to wool and cotton scarves for the colder seasons is a cashmere scarf. Cashmere scarf is soft, warm and very elegant looking.

A silk scarf is a completely different matter and might seem like a curious accessory choice but it is one fantastic fashion accessory that can pull an outfit together like no other. More often than not silk scarves are worn for its aesthetic worth rather than for practical reasons such as for warmth. A silk motorcycle or aviator scarf worn with a bomber jacket is one dashing addition to an ensemble that completes the military vibe. Silk scarves are even worn by stylish guys in lieu of a tie to complete a formal ensemble.


Whether you’re wearing a wool, cotton, cashmere or silk scarf, the way you tie or knot your scarf will make a lot of difference in creating a particular look or style. Learn the different ways of tying or wearing a scarf and project a different personality each and every time you wear your scarf.


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